What is the big bang?
Big BangThe big bang is the theory of creation. The Big Bang originated fromhuman’s curiosity. The big bang is a theory that evolved from an idea. Such idea embraces our ability as an intelligent life form to understand how the universe functions. However, the big bang implies thatan explosion that came out of nothing created something. Scientists are always looking for viable theories that are supported by facts and mathematical equations. The reason why scientists prove theories by math and factual information is because sometimes the human brain is not able to comprehend the complexity of astronomic phenomena.

Why is the Big Bang not a viable theory?
The big bang doesn’t explain the origin of the explosion or what happened after such event. However, it does create a foundation for the string theory.

What is the String Theory?
The String Theory is another theory that not only explains the origin of the universe, but it also explains the Big Bang as well as it provides viable information that supports the origins of the elements of life. As a result, the string theory also became known as the theory of everything.